Pincus Lab

Washington University School of Medicine

Department of Developmental Biology
and Department of Genetics

We’re always looking for qualified and talented people to join the lab as postdocs, graduate students, or undergraduates. The lab is a mix of, on one hand, biology, genetics, and molecular physiology, and on the other hand, microscopy, image processing, and statistical analysis. You don't need skills in both to join the lab, just an interest in addressing biological questions with a quantitative eye.


Please contact Zach if you’re interested in joining the lab. Reading a few of our papers and writing with a brief description of what you might like to work on in the lab is a great way to make a good first impression.

Doctoral Students

If you want to join the lab as a PhD student, consider applying to Washington University’s Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, which comprises twelve different biomedical PhD programs. Any DBBS student is welcome to join the lab, and Dr. Pincus is specifically affiliated with the programs in: Computational and Systems Biology; Developmental, Regenerative, and Stem Cell Biology; and Molecular Genetics and Genomics.

Dr. Pincus is also affiliated with Biomedical Engineering, for students in that department, or prospective students for whom that department is a natural fit.

Students in other PhD programs, including Physics, Computer Science, and similar disciplines may also be able to find a great home in the lab: contact Zach to talk about what opportunities might be available.


If you’re an undergraduate interested in working in the lab, we’ll be happy to chat! Drop Zach an email and arrange a time to tour the lab and talk about potential projects. Biologists, physicists, computer scientists, or engineers of all stripes will be able to find interesting and exciting projects to work on over a summer or longer-term.