Pincus Lab

Washington University School of Medicine

Department of Developmental Biology
and Department of Genetics

Zachary Pincus, PhD – Assistant Professor

I grew up in Montana before moving on to Stanford for my undergraduate degree in Biology and PhD in Biomedical Informatics. Before coming to Wash U, I trained in the labs of Mark Young, Robert Sapolsky, Julie Theriot, and Frank Slack.

Holly Kinser – PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Holly is identifying and characterizing novel fluorescent reporter genes that predict future lifespan in C. elegans.

Nicolette Laird – PhD Student, Computational and Systems Biology

Nicolette is developing tools to analyze and quantify spatiotemporal expression patterns in fluorescent reporter genes in C. elegans.

Laura Metz – Staff Scientist

Laura is the Pincus Lab manager. She joined us after playing a similar and indispensable role in Mike Crowder’s lab.

Matt Mosley – PhD Student, Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology

Matt is examining early life gene expression patterns in long- vs. short-lived wild-type C. elegans, using microfluidic devices to separate these different cohorts based on predictors of future lifespan.

Nisha Patil – Undergraduate Researcher

Nisha is developing and using new C. elegans culture methods to investigate larval development at high temporal and spatial resolution.

Will Pittman – PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Will is developing advanced C. elegans culture techniques in order to examine developmental determinants of future lifespan.

Isaac Plutzer – Undergraduate Researcher

Isaac is investigating inter-individual variability in transgenic C. elegans models of protein aggregation disorders.

Drew Sinha – MD/PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Drew is studying the connections between lifespan and and good health in both wild-type and longevity-mutant C. elegans.

Logan Tan – Undergraduate Researcher

Logan is developing software and lab protocols and tools to dramatically increase our experimental throughput.

Eric Terry – Postdoctoral Fellow

Eric joined the lab after a PhD in Biomolecular Science and Engineering at UCSB, jointly between the Rothman and Meinhart labs. Eric is developing and evaluating mathematical models of lifespan, healthspan, and the progress of senescent decline.

Lab Alumni

Nick Jacobs – PhD Student, Computational and Systems Biology

Erik Hvatum – Staff Programmer

Travis Mazer – Technician

William Zhang – MD/PhD Student, Computational and Systems Biology