Pincus Lab

Washington University School of Medicine

Department of Developmental Biology
and Department of Genetics

Zachary Pincus, PhD – Assistant Professor

I grew up in Montana before moving on to Stanford for my undergraduate degree in Biology and PhD in Biomedical Informatics. Before coming to Wash U, I trained in the labs of Mark Young, Robert Sapolsky, Julie Theriot, and Frank Slack.

Holly Kinser – PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Holly is identifying and characterizing novel fluorescent reporter genes that predict future lifespan in C. elegans.

Nicolette Laird – PhD Student, Computational and Systems Biology

Nicolette is developing tools to analyze and quantify spatiotemporal expression patterns in fluorescent reporter genes in C. elegans.

Laura Metz – Staff Scientist

Laura is the Pincus Lab manager. She joined us after playing a similar and indispensable role in Mike Crowder’s lab.

Matt Mosley – PhD Student, Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology

Matt is examining early life gene expression patterns in long- vs. short-lived wild-type C. elegans, using microfluidic devices to separate these different cohorts based on predictors of future lifespan.

Nisha Patil – Undergraduate Researcher

Nisha is developing and using new C. elegans culture methods to investigate larval development at high temporal and spatial resolution.

Will Pittman – PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Will is developing advanced C. elegans culture techniques in order to examine developmental determinants of future lifespan.

Isaac Plutzer – Undergraduate Researcher

Isaac is investigating inter-individual variability in transgenic C. elegans models of protein aggregation disorders.

Drew Sinha – MD/PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering

Drew is studying the connections between lifespan and and good health in both wild-type and longevity-mutant C. elegans.

Logan Tan – Undergraduate Researcher

Logan is developing software and lab protocols and tools to dramatically increase our experimental throughput.

Lab Alumni

Nick Jacobs – PhD Student, Computational and Systems Biology

Erik Hvatum – Staff Programmer

Travis Mazer – Technician

William Zhang – MD/PhD Student, Computational and Systems Biology